The Margherita at Roberta’s

Although pizza is what originally brought me to Roberta’s, there’s a lot more to enjoy. They grow many of their ingredients in the backyard and rooftop farms; they make a great salad, and I had some of the best asparagus of my life there last year on my birthday. On a recent visit I was trying to figure out what to get, and I went back and forth between getting the pizza or something else. Once I settled on pizza I tried to figure out what combination to get. The number of choices was almost overwhelming. Suddenly I realized I just needed a good old fashioned margherita, and thank goodness I did. The margherita is a perfectly balanced work of art: creamy cheese, salty sauce, and the most perfectly charred crust since UPN moved out to San Fran. There’s nothing better than simple perfection, and there’s no doubt in my mind — Roberta’s is my favorite pizza in the entire city.

Roberta’s — 261 Moore Street

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3 Responses to The Margherita at Roberta’s

  1. LW says:

    I must go here.

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