Spring Veggie Slice at Best Pizza

Last week Donny mentioned to me that Best Pizza’s seasonal veggie slice currently features fiddlehead ferns. On Friday night we had a chance to try it out. The sauce-less, square slice is also topped with diced green and yellow summer squash, sweet red onion, and earthy mushrooms. The bottom of the crust is crispy and delicious, and the whole thing is nicely seasoned. I can’t wait to see what the coming seasons will bring. Of course I also got a slice of their wonder white pizza, just to round things out. If you’ve never had a white slice at Best Pizza, there are two things that really set it apart — caramelized onions on top of the cheese, and sesame seeds on the crust.

Next week: I’ll take a break from posting about pizza, I swear!

Best Pizza — 33 Havemeyer St

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2 Responses to Spring Veggie Slice at Best Pizza

  1. LSW says:

    Fiddleheads on a pizza? How inventive. Did they add to the summery sensations?

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