Dumplings & Things

The restaurant space next to Bar Reis has not brought good luck to its tenants. Since I’ve lived here it’s gone from being a taco joint, then to an empty storefront, then to being a sandwich shop, and then empty again. It’s most recently home to Dumplings & Things, and I stopped by for lunch before work last week. You can get five vegetable dumplings for $3 (I got them steamed but you can also get them fried), which are filled with pieces of fresh, though under-seasoned, vegetables. A dip in the provided vinegar-soy sauce provided, with a spot of sriracha, helped them considerably. I also got an order of the vegetable bao, two for $2. These mini sandwiches on steamed buns were quite good, made up of julienned veggies topped with crushed peanuts, though they were inexplicably sitting in a pool of oil in their styrofoam container. Again, they were brightened up by a dip in the sauce. I had a good experience at Dumplings & Things, and it’s pretty cheap considering the neighborhood, but based strictly on the history of the space I have doubts about how long they will last. I wish them the best of luck.

Dumplings & Things — 375 5th Ave

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