Vegan Burger at Thistle Hill Tavern

When Thistle Hill Tavern opened near my apartment I was pretty excited. It looked like the kind of upscale restaurant that didn’t really exist in this part of Park Slope, plus one of the co-owners is Fat Mike of NOFX. But time went by and I never ended up eating a meal at Thistle Hill. Last week I decided to stop by for lunch, and settled on the $13 Vegan Burger (though I topped it with Gruyere cheese, negating the vegan-ness). The burger is made with beans, mushrooms, and cracked wheat, and is topped with lettuce, pickles, and onions (and to my delight no tomatoes), and is served with either a salad or their renowned salt & pepper fries. Although the flavor of the burger was quite good — heavily spiced and well seasoned — it completely fell apart as I bit into it. I ended up with pieces of the burger all over my plate, and ate it with a fork and knife. The salt & pepper coating on the fries was tasty enough, but they tasted like they’d been sitting around for a bit and they were a little soggy and limp. Overall I was disappointed in the lunch, especially considering the price of the burger, but I would like to go back to try out their dinner.

Thistle Hill Tavern — 441 7th Ave

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