Nile Valley Vegan Jamaican Patties at Dekalb Market

The newly created Dekalb market is home to more than just food vendors. Some of the old shipping containers that make up the bulk of the market have been turned into small boutique stores, and there’s a flea market component toward the back. But of course I was there for the food. I settled on a couple of vegan Jamaican patties from the Nile Valley Eco-Juice and Salad Bar, and they were delicious. The top one was filled with callaloo (see here, see also the banner at the top of this site), a leafy green that had been cooked down with some lemon. The bottom patty was even better. It was filled with ackee, a Caribbean fruit that when cooked looks a lot like scrambled eggs and has a wonderful, custard-like texture. The savory filling (despite being a fruit, ackee is not sweet) with that velvety texture, encased in the flaky pastry, was one of the best things I’ve eaten all year. It’s this kind of food that makes me think being a vegan wouldn’t be so bad after all… but then I remember pizza.

Dekalb Market — 138 Willoughby St

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