Sandwiches From Zito’s Park Slope

Zito’s, the new sandwich shop on 7th Ave in Park Slope, opened last week. They’re still going through some growing pains. but the sandwiches are pretty good. I originally stopped in for a panelle, a sandwich made with chickpea fritters, but they weren’t happy with the batter they’d made the night before and so instead I got the potato and egg sandwich ($6.50), pictured above. The ingredients were well-seasoned, and the bread was well-toasted and crispy at the edges. The only real mis-step was the small container of tomato sauce that was inexplicably cold (and the fact that one of the servers was wearing waaaaay too much perfume. Yesterday I got the panelle, usually $8.50 but for an even $10 they topped it with fresh ricotta. It was an expensive sandwich to be sure, and I wanted to dislike it for that reason, but it was really excellent. Under-seasoned but still somehow savory, it was a mix of soft, crispy, cool and warm. For some reason they replaced one of the tables with a Foosball table, so my dinner was accompanied by the sounds of loud clacking. If they figure out the dining room, and maybe if they lower their prices a bit, I can definitely see Zito’s becoming part of my regular lunch rotation.

Zito’s — 300 7th Ave

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