A Vegetarian At Prime Meats

You might not think that a restaurant called Prime Meats has a lot for vegetarians… and you’d be right. There were a few options on the lunch menu, which is when I stopped by. I wasn’t thrilled with the pretzel, which tasted stale and was almost rock hard. The avocado sandwich, however, was a resounding success. In addition to the creamy avocado there are shallots that have been battered and deep-fried until crispy, tied together with a spicy mayo sauce. It hit all the right notes: salty, spicy, crispy, and smooth. Prime Meats is part of the Frankie’s family of restaurants; I’ve been meaning to try them, and this was my first foray into that journey.

Prime Meats — 465 Court St.

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4 Responses to A Vegetarian At Prime Meats

  1. kim says:

    I also got a great vegetarian experience at Quality Meats, while Donny feasts on steak and frites. Check that place out! 🙂

    I had Prime Meats in mind for Thanksgiving meal, but didn’t work out that day. Too bad.

  2. withoutbacon says:

    Great blog Howard! You might be interested in a somewhat similar project I have over at my blog, “Without Bacon” — http://withoutbacon.wordpress.com . I review the vegetarian options at some of the top restaurants in New York (and beyond). Love to get any comments/feedback!

  3. As a vegetarian married to a meatetarian, brunch at Prime Meats is a happy medium for my husband and me. When I’m on a healthier kick, I get the steel cut oats with an egg on the side. When I’m naughtier I get the egg biscuit sandwich and share some spatzle :).

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