Mergellina At Forcella

Forcella has quickly become one of my favorite pizza places in the city. The fried montanara pizza is justifiably lauded, and whenever I bring a new person to Forcella I insist that they order the montanara. I’ve also come to love the Fuorigrotta, a white pie topped with arugula and thin slices of lemon. I brought my friend Jess to their Williamsburg location last week, and of course I made her order the montanara (she loved it). I branched out and ordered something I’ve never tried before, the Mergellina. Topped with mozzarella, pesto, and porcini mushrooms, the Mergellina should have been right up my alley. And indeed, the mozz and the pesto were great. Alas, the porcinis were terrible — slimy and strange tasting. I don’t know if they were dried, reconstituted mushrooms or what, but they kind of ruined the pizza. Fresh sliced porcini would have been the way to go, I think. Though I did eat the entire thing.

Forcella — 485 Lorimer St

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2 Responses to Mergellina At Forcella

  1. Matthew says:

    It is nearly impossible to find a fresh porcini in America. I know a few places that bring them in frozen and they are usually terrible. That is probably what you had.

    • @Matthew – i hadn’t considered frozen, you’re probably right. i’ve seen fresh porcini in markets around NYC, and they’re usually insanely expensive. i can’t imagine a restaurant keeping some on hand just in case someone orders it. they need to re-think this pizza.

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