Naruto Ramen, Park Slope

So I have to admit that until the other day I’d never gone out to eat ramen. In my life, ramen is nothing more than the instant noodles I used to eat as a kid. Sure, I’ve seen paeans to ramen around NYC, but they seem to be reliant on a savory pork broth. I was walking by Naruto Ramen in Park Slope, and decided to break my ramen cherry. What better place than a ramen joint named after an anime character?

At Naruto they have three types of vegetarian ramen (which has a soy-based broth). I chose the miso ramen, which turned out to be a little bland — at least until I started adding toppings. These include fried garlic, soy sauce, chili oil, and chili flakes. The broth tasted much better after these had been steeping in it for a while. The noodles, on the other hand, were fantastic. I watched as the chef dropped the noodles into hot water and set a timer; one minute too long or too short and the noodles wouldn’t be right. These were great — chewy, slightly firm, silky… The vegetables that dotted the bowl — broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, bean sprouts — were basically raw, just heated through by the broth. The silken tofu was the same, though because of its texture the tofu was burning hot.

Naruto Ramen — 276 5th Ave

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5 Responses to Naruto Ramen, Park Slope

  1. I’m glad you were able to see ramen in all of it’s glory. Next, you should try soba. It’s buckwheat noodles that you dip into a delicious sauce. Cold soba is perfect for summer which is coming soon! Also, chances are that Naruto was actually named after what this shop was named after: Steamed fish-paste cake which is traditionally sliced and served on top of Ramen :p.

  2. ayvonne says:

    hey howard! this is an awesome blog, you made me wanna be a vegetarian too. lol. the food looks so delicious. man i feel like this is whole new colorful and wonderful world i just discovered. and i thought i lost your card you gave me, but not true, found it. 🙂 and i m glad. oooops i didn’t tell you who i m, it’s ayvonne, see you soon at work

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