M Noodle Shop and an Anniversary

I can hardly believe it, but BrooklynVegetarian is a year old! I thought a perfect way to celebrate would be a post about M Noodle Shop, the restaurant that was the feature of my first post on Serious Eats: NY. We were in the neighborhood to see our friend Justin‘s play, and we stopped by M Noodle Shop for a pre-theater meal. On the recommendation of a commenter on my SE:NY post I got the vegetable noodle soup, and then I also got some friend vegetable buns. The buns were great; pillowy soft on the outside, stuffed with flavorful mushrooms and veggies on the inside. The soup was delicious, full of fresh, crunchy vegetables and long, soft, udon-like noodles, perfect for slurping. And yes, the broth is vegetarian. My stomach had been a little upset earlier in the day, but this was comfort food for my belly.

M Noodle Shop — 549 Metropolitan Ave

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One Response to M Noodle Shop and an Anniversary

  1. LW says:

    This looks really good, I would love to try this place next time I am in town.

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