Lemongrass Seitan From Cinnamon Snail

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that when I stopped by the Palenque Truck I had actually intended to visit the Cinnamon Snail Truck. The Cinnamon Snail specializes in vegan, organic food, and used to be based out of NJ. Recently they’ve been making forays into NYC, and here to Park Slope. Since I’d already eaten the arepa I got my Lemongrass Seitan sandwich to go, and then ended up eating it about 15 minutes later. Perhaps it was the wait, but the sandwich had become quite a mess and the baguette was starting to fall apart. The flavors were all great, though, and the addition of curried cashews (along with the seitan, spicy mayo, arugula, and chili sauce) was surprisingly effective — they added both interesting texture and flavor. Hopefully they’ll be back in the Slope again, and I can try something fresh off the griddle.

The Cinnamon Snail — Check website & Twitter for location & schedule

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