Sugar Snap Peas With Sambal

Last week I wrote about my birthday dinner at Talde, and the wonderful sugar snap pea dish I had there. The following week I tried to recreate the dish at home with sugar snap peas from the Greenmarket; it didn’t come out quite right, but it was quite tasty (and easy to make).

Sugar Snap Peas With Sambal, à la Talde:

Start by prepping the snap peas — pinch the stem end between your fingers and pull forward. You should snap off the top and bring the tough, stringy bit with it (see here for the results of it). Start a small pot of salted water boiling — when it comes to a boil, add the peeled snap peas. The boiling will initially subside; when the water comes back to a boil turn off the heat and drain the snap peas. Cooking them briefly will eliminate the raw, grassy flavor but leave the sweet, crunchy snap pea flavor.

In a bowl add a spoon full of sambal (chili-garlic sauce), the juice of a lime, and a bit of sugar. Mix them all together until the sugar is dissolved.

Add the warm sugar snap peas and toss them in the sauce. Enjoy!

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