A Whiter Shade of Kale at Paulie Gee’s

I can’t believe I’ve never written about Paulie Gee’s (my favorite pizza place in NYC) on this blog, but it’s true. When I got back to Brooklyn from my trip to Southeast Asia, one of the first restaurant meals I had was at Paulie Gee’s. Donny and Mo suggested it kind of at the last minute, so we headed over early on a Saturday night. We still ended up having to wait for about 45 minutes, but I don’t mind waiting for Paulie Gee’s. I’ve sampled most of the vegetarian options on the menu, so I always look forward to the special pies on the menu. On this night I got the Whiter Shade of Kale — mozzarella, marinated baby kale (from a local rooftop farm), and sliced cremini mushrooms. As per usual, the pizza brought all of the ingredients together in perfect harmony; chewy, crunchy kale, soft mushrooms, and creamy fresh mozzarella. And of course the crust was beyond reproach. It was a great way to get back into the New York food scene.

Paulie Gee’s — 60 Greenpoint Ave

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4 Responses to A Whiter Shade of Kale at Paulie Gee’s

  1. Adey says:

    Paulie Gee’s goes head-to-head with Vinnie’s Pizzeria as my favorite Brooklyn pizza spot… especially the excellent vegan choices x

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