Pete Zaaz’s Pizzas Need More Pizazz

Sorry for the title of this post, but they’re just asking for it. Anyway…

There’s been a lot of hype about Pete Zaaz, the new “zany toppings” pizza joint not far from the Brooklyn Museum. I stopped in for dinner with Donny and our friends from We Heart New York to see what all the hoopla was all about. There are four different toppings for the pizza at Pete Zaaz, and we split them into two pizzas so that we could try them all. The two vegetarian options are: the Brooklyn, pretty much a standard NYC pie with marjoram instead of oregano; and the Shoestring Zucchini, which has fontina cheese, a corn sauce, and tomatillos. Unfortunately non of the flavors really worked for me — the Brooklyn was fine, if a little too sweet, and the Shoestring Zucchini was surprisingly mild despite all of the things going on in it. We also got an order of the Broccoli Knotz, which were dry and didn’t have any of the roasted broccoli flavor I expected. Pete Zaaz failed to impress me; the staff was super nice and enthusiastic, but the food just didn’t measure up. I had heard that they were doing exciting things with pizza, but found that they were merely doing unusual things with pizza. It’s a small but crucial difference.

Pete Zaaz — 766 Classon Ave

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