Vegetarian At Cafe Steinhof

A few years ago Donny & I had a late night meal at Cafe Steinhof, a German restaurant in Park Slope. They actually have a lot of vegetarian items on the menu, and at the time I chose the bread dumplings with mushrooms. I didn’t enjoy the meal very much, and since then I’ve avoided eating there. A group of us were wandering around the Slope a few weeks ago, and it was late enough that there were only a few places left open. One of them was Cafe Steinhof, and I was willing to give them another try. This time I got the potato roesti — a deliciously crisp and salty potato pancake. Unfortunately the roesti was sitting atop a “summer vegetable ragout,” in this case a terrible frozen vegetable medley. I will say that I had a delicious beer: Edelstoff, which has been brewed in Munich since 1328. Despite the excellent beer, I think I’ll be avoiding Cafe Steinhof for another few years.

Cafe Steinhof — 422 7th Ave

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4 Responses to Vegetarian At Cafe Steinhof

  1. We never serve frozen vegetables, and we never had a beer with that name. Why do you not research your victims before you write stuff like this ? Sincerely, Cafe Steinhof.

    • @Devin – i’m sorry you’re unhappy with my assessment of the restaurant. two things: i liked the beer so much i took a photo of it, so here’s photographic proof that you did, indeed, serve me a beer called edelstoff:
      second, i grew up with frozen vegetable medleys and that’s what it tasted like, but it’s true i have no photographic proof that it was. if you want to tell me that the rubbery red peppers and mushy tasteless broccoli were a result of your kitchen staff, that’s up to you.

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