Pizza at Brooklyn Central

Things are slowly getting back to normal here in Brooklyn. Park Slope was not hit particularly hard by Sandy, but the lack of transportation options has made getting from here to just about anywhere else very difficult. That’s a good thing for local businesses, of course. Brooklyn Central opened here a month or so ago, started by two guys who used to work at Sottocasa, itself a relatively new pizza place. I’ve never been to Sottocasa, but when my friend Jess asked me if I wanted to meet up for dinner I suggested we check out Brooklyn Central. The menu divides the pizzas up into “Old World” and “New World” — the New World pies use Brooklyn mozzarella and feature some more unusual combinations than the more classic Old World pies. We got one Old World pie, the Biancaneve you see above. My high school Spanish clues me into the fact that Biancaneve translates as “white snow,” presumably talking about the rich and milky mozzarella on the pie. The acidity of the tomatoes helped cut through the cheese. A simple pie but a very good one; and although it got a little soupy in the middle the crust was crisp enough to hold it up. Although the menu said the pie had sea salt on it, I felt like it could have used a little bit more.

The same could be said for our New World pie, the Black Widow (my high school Spanish tells me nothing about this one). The Black Widow is a white pie topped with mushrooms, scallions and black garlic. The sweet and tangy black garlic had an interesting, almost maple-like flavor, and the scallions added a nice fresh crunch. Here the pie was not soggy at all, but perfectly charred and crisp.

When Brooklyn Central opened, people wondered if Park Slope really needed another pizza place. It’s true, there are tons of mediocre by-the-slice places around, but there are woefully few Neapolitan-style joints. Brooklyn Central is a welcome addition to the neighborhood; I’d like to go back and try their Margherita, to see how it stacks up.

Brooklyn Central — 289 5th Ave

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