The Spinach Pie At Toby’s

After my disappointing experience at Krescendo, I was in the mood for a good pie. Donny met up with me at Toby’s Public House, a local bar that happens to make some pretty good pizzas. I hadn’t been there in a while, so I made sure to order my favorite of their pies. The Spinach is a white pie, topped with fresh spinach and truffle oil. A sprinkling of parmesan makes the whole thing work as a whole. Toby’s doesn’t make the greatest pizzas in the city, but for a local joint it’s pretty solid. They also have a full menu of non-pizza options, plus a nice beer selection. Altogether you get one of my favorite neighborhood spots.

Toby’s Public House — 686 6th Avenue

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3 Responses to The Spinach Pie At Toby’s

  1. I just went to Toby’s for the first time last night and had the spinach and I absolutely loved it. I’m not a pizza person and I could have eaten two of them on my own…

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