Just before leaving for Taiwan a few weeks ago I met up with Donny, Matt, Phaedra, and Steph for dinner at Hunter’s. I had never even heard of the place, but Donny and Steph both had good things to say about it. After eating there I can see why; I started my meal with the creamed kale, which was fantastic. The kale was rich and creamy, with a bit of tang from cheese, and topped with fried bread crumbs for texture. To paraphrase Phaedra, I could have curled up with a bucket of the stuff.

The mushroom pot pie was also very good, and full of big chunks of mushrooms. Once again the menu described the mushrooms as wild and they were no such thing, but there was a lot of mushroom flavor. My only complaint was that the crust, which was loose on top of the filling, had steamed a little bit from the heat and instead of being flaky and crispy was a little wet and chewy (but that’s nitpicking).

Hunter’s — 213 Smith St

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