Leske’s Bakery In Park Slope

Leske’s Bakery is something of a Bay Ridge institution, originally opened in 1961. Although the ownership has changed since then, and it has closed at least once, the bakery is still regarded as on of Bay Ridge’s food destinations. They recently opened a new storefront here in Park Slope, so I stopped by to check it out (I’ve never been to the Bay Ridge location). I got a cheese danish — how could I not, considering my quest for the best cheese danish in NYC. Leske’s is also known for its versions of classic Hostess desserts, so I got a “twinkie” as well. The danish was good, though the filling was a little on the grainy side. The twinkie was geat — good sponge cake-like exterior, light and fluffy cream in the middle. Actual Twinkies don’t taste so good (especially now that Hostess is gone). I also got a sample of their black & white cookie, which has mounds of frosting instead of caked-on icing. It’s an interesting twist on an old favorite, and it makes me wonder if that’s how black & white cookies used to be.

Leske’s Park Slope — 588 5th Ave

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2 Responses to Leske’s Bakery In Park Slope

  1. Jerry W says:

    A Twinkie?

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