Roasted Mushroom Sandwich At Landhaus

I was intrigued by the “farm to sandwich” ethos at Landhaus, which is up a short flight of stairs in a narrow window-lined space just off of 7th Ave. Landhaus usually sells at markets like Smorgasburg, but recently set up a permanent shop here in Park Slope. The Herb Roasted Mushroom sandwich is an over-stuffed piece of work; the button mushrooms are wonderfully browned, and the toasted bun was pretty good, but the real stand-out was the sharp and creamy cheddar sauce. Though it made the sandwich way too messy to actually pick up and eat (I had to resort to a plastic fork), it also made the sandwich waaaaay tastier than it would have been otherwise. With its limited menu (four sandwiches, only one of them vegetarian) it doesn’t necessarily rate a return visit, but it was definitely worth the one.

Landhaus — 808b Union Street

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4 Responses to Roasted Mushroom Sandwich At Landhaus

  1. vanessa says:

    Nice pic.The sandwich does look sloppy, but I think I can handle that for cheesy, mushroom deliciousness. 😀

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