Vegetarian Chicken & Waffles At Sweet Chick

I became a vegetarian long before I’d heard of the unlikely combination of chicken and waffles. Thankfully, Donny had his birthday party at Sweet Chick in Williamsburg, and thankfully they have a vegetarian version of their signature dish. I wasn’t quite prepared for what came out — two giant hunks of fake fried chicken alongside some big, tasty-looking waffles. The “chicken” was wrapped in a crispy deep-fried chicken batter, which gave way to a spongy, soft, almost smoky fake chicken meat inside. When combined with the waffles, then topped with butter, maple syrup, and hot sauce, it became something magical. I’m a huge fan of contrasting (but complimentary) textures and flavors, and this had everything. Soft and crispy, sweet from the syrup and salty from the fake chicken, and just slightly spicy. I couldn’t shovel it into my face fast enough.

I was disappointed with my side dish of Brussels sprouts and hominy. I like both ingredients, but this dish was so heavily doused in vinegar that I couldn’t taste much else. I was ready to write off Sweet Chick as a one hit wonder, until I took a bite of dessert: warm biscuit bread pudding.

I took a mouthful of dense, slightly sweet, buttery biscuit and immediately exclaimed “Oh my god.” My friends laughed a bit, but it was an instinctive reaction. I actually teared up a little bit. This was one of the greatest desserts I’ve eaten in a long time, and it’s a good thing that there were other people there to share it because otherwise I would have eaten the whole thing and then I probably would have died. The double chocolate pudding was also great, as was the apple pie, but the warm biscuit bread pudding nearly knocked me off my seat. It was one of the dessert specials, so I don’t know if it will be around all the time, but if you see it available you must order it. Don’t question it.

Sweet Chick has only been open for a couple of months. It’s true that a few things I tasted weren’t great, but between the vegetarian chicken and waffles and the biscuit bread pudding they serve two AMAZING dishes. That makes it a winner in my book, and I’m happy to return any time.

Sweet Chick — 164 Bedford Avenue

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7 Responses to Vegetarian Chicken & Waffles At Sweet Chick

  1. that’s the most retarded dish i’ve ever heard of.

  2. Jerry W says:

    happy birthday Donny

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