Opening Day At Smorgasburg 2013

This past Saturday was the first day of this year’s Smorgasburg, and the crowds came out in full force. Smorgasburg reminds me of Taipei’s night markets — though of course everything at Smorgasburg is way more expensive, and everyone is speaking English instead of Mandarin. If you can brave the lines there are some interesting foods to be had, and my favorite bite of the day was from a Smorasburg newcomer.

That would be yogurt from The White Moustache. They had both sweet and savory yogurt bowls, and two types of yogurt. Persian style yogurt that was thinner and not as sweet, and Greek yogurt, strained and so thick is was almost chewy. The creamy, tangy yogurt was excellent, and matched well with the sour cherries and toasted almonds.

What I don’t understand at all are the people who wait in line to eat at vendors who have restaurants. For some reason, even though you can go to the restaurant and eat the food at your convenience, these tend to be the longest lines at Smorgasburg. Skip them and sample some of the smaller vendors.

Smorgasburg — Kent Avenue and North 7 St

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