Mamu Thai Noodle Truck In DUMBO

Walking through DUMBO the other day I was surprised to come across a small lot with three food trucks parked in it. There was the Fishing Shrimp truck, the Palenque Colombian Arepa Truck, and the Mamu Thai Noodle Truck. I don’t eat seafood, and I’ve eaten at the Palenque truck before, so that left Thai food. I got the pad kee mao noodles with tofu, particularly spicy when sprinkled with the chili powder provided on the side. I’ve had better pad kee mao, but these really hit the spot — plus, I brought them down to the water front and ate them in the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge. The Thai iced tea was also a welcome treat on such a hot day. The DUMBO food lot has a rotating selection of food trucks, so be sure to check their Twitter feed for updates.

Mamu Noodle Truck
DUMBO Food Lot — Corner of Jay St & Water St

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