The Spanish Armada At Saltie

I walk by Saltie, the tiny, nautically-themed sandwich shop in Williamsburg, pretty often, but I hardly ever go in. I had a really great sandwich there, three freakin’ years ago, so when I found myself hungry and near the restaurant recently I decided to grab some lunch. I got the Spanish Armada, a simple sandwich that’s packed with flavor. Like most of the sandwiches at Saltie it’s made on their delicious focaccia, and is filled with slices of a Spanish-style potato tortilla — the egg omelet kind, not the flat cornmeal patty kind. The only issue I had was that there was way too much of the pimenton aioli, which provided good saltiness and moisture to the sandwich but also lubricated it so much that the tortilla slid right out from between the bread slices while I was trying to eat it. Not the worst problem to have, I know, but it did make a mess. I still prefer the Scuttlebutt, but the Spanish Armada was pretty darned good.

Think potato and egg on a sandwich is weird? At Zito’s in Park Slope they make a good potato and egg sandwich as well.

Saltie — 378 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211

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