Cornbread Ice Cream At Oddfellows

I’ve been trying very hard not to eat too much ice cream this summer. This heat wave has not been making it easy, though I’ve managed to control myself pretty well. One major exception was my visit to the newly opened Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. in Williamsburg, where I got two scoops in a fresh, house-made sugar cone. Yes, the buttermilk blueberry honey was excellent, but the real standout was the cornbread ice cream. You know how cornbread tastes great, but sometimes it gets dry and crumbly and sticks in your throat a little bit? Well imagine the incredible flavor of cornbread but in smooth, creamy, cold form. It’s a remarkable achievement in ice cream flavor. A word of caution: they have a rotating roster of flavors, so it may not be there on your visit. Cross your fingers and hope you get lucky.

Oddfellows — 175 Kent Avenue

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