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Vegetarian At Pok Pok NY

I arrived at Pok Pok NY about ten minutes before my friends Jess & Garrett, who I was meeting there for dinner. We had all heard stories about how hard it can be to actually get a table there; they … Continue reading

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Nectarine Pie At Four & Twenty Blackbirds

It’s been about eight months since my last Four & Twenty Blackbirds post — it’s high time for another. This early fall nectarine pie was truly delicious; it was as if they made a traditional apple pie (complete with cinnamon … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Offal: Broccoli Marrow

While making this dish I had a flashback to dinners with my family, and seeing my mom suck the marrow out of chicken bones at the dinner table. At the time, even before I was a vegetarian, I thought it … Continue reading

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Garlic Soy at ZuZu Ramen

In the interest of continuing my ramen education I met up with Donny at the far edge of Park Slope at ZuZu Ramen for a late night dinner. From my experiences at Naruto and at Chuko I have come to … Continue reading

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