Garlic Soy at ZuZu Ramen

In the interest of continuing my ramen education I met up with Donny at the far edge of Park Slope at ZuZu Ramen for a late night dinner. From my experiences at Naruto and at Chuko I have come to know that there are vast differences in the quality of ramen around Brooklyn, and I was curious as to how ZuZu would stack up. The (vegetarian) garlic soy broth was good, but nowhere near the quality of Chuko’s; ZuZu’s reminded me of the broth from instant ramen flavor packets I remember from when I was a kid. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as I have fond memories of those sodium-laden foil packets, but I was a bit disappointed. The noodles themselves were very good; long and thin but chewy, and fun to eat. I also enjoyed the crunchy bamboo shoots and scallions that garnished the bowl. But as a whole, it doesn’t exist in even the same league as Chuko.

ZuZu Ramen — 173 4th Ave

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