Vareniki At Cafe Glechik

The first time I had vareniki was at Karloff, for the first ever post on this very blog. They were delicious, but I haven’t come across them since. Cut to late September, when I made a trip to Brighton Beach to try the Georgian Bread place everyone raves about. To my dismay, the bread place was closed. So that the trip wouldn’t be a total waste, I decided to head to Brighton Bazaar (no trip to Brighton beach should be without a visit). On my way down Coney Island Ave I passed by Cafe Glechik, and promptly decided to stop there for a meal, having heard good things about this Ukranian eatery. There’s not a lot of vegetarian food on the menu but there are vareniki — small boiled dumplings — that come with a variety of veggie fillings. I ordered the ones filled with potato and mushroom, which came topped with fried onions and mushrooms and an optional side of sour cream. Although the vareniki at Karloff were better, these were still quite good; thick dumpling skins gave way to a smooth, flavorful interior. The fried onion topping added a nice textural contrast, and the sour cream was a creamy acidic counterpoint to it all. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to try the Georgian bread, but Cafe Glechik was a nice consolation prize.

Cafe Glechik — 3159 Coney Island Ave

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