Vegan Chik’n Parm At Foodswings

I had first heard about Foodswings, another vegan diner in Williamsburg, way back in 2011, when I covered the First Annual Vegetarian Festival for SE:NY. I kind of forgot about it for a while, but then I read a story on Super Vegan about how Foodswings was for sale. The article mentions that the current owners of Foodswings are the owners of Lucky 13, a horror movie/metal bar here in Park Slope, a place I’ve been several times but had no idea had any vegan connection. I decided I had to check out Foodswings, so back in September I paid them a visit. The menu, like at Champs, is fairly extensive and has a lot of traditional diner food (that happens to be vegan). I settled on the Chik’n Parm, made with breaded mock chicken and covered in tomato sauce a vegan mozzarella “cheese.” Although I enjoyed the fries quite a bit, the sauce was under-seasoned and as a whole the dish was underwhelming. I enjoyed the ambiance of the restaurant; there are quotes painted on the walls from luminaries like Albert Einstein advocating a vegetarian diet. Too bad the food didn’t live up to my expectations.

Foodswings — 295 Grand St

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