100 Posts And My Favorites Of 2013

It’s fitting that my final post of 2013 is also the 100th post here on Brooklyn Vegetarian. I ate a lot of great food this year, and below are some of my favorites. I look forward to sharing more with you in 2014!

Favorite Danish: Runner & Stone
“Runner & Stone, the new bakery and restaurant in Gowanus, has the best cheese danish I’ve had outside of Denmark, hands down.”

Favorite Fake Meat: Chicken & Waffles at Sweet Chick
“The “chicken” was wrapped in a crispy deep-fried chicken batter, which gave way to a spongy, soft, almost smoky fake chicken meat inside. When combined with the waffles, then topped with butter, maple syrup, and hot sauce, it became something magical.”

Favorite New Restaurant: Glasserie
“There were hints of something familiar throughout our excellent meal at Glasserie, so far out at the edge of Greenpoint that it’s basically in Queens.”

Favorite Ice Cream: Oddfelows “You know how cornbread tastes great, but sometimes it gets dry and crumbly and sticks in your throat a little bit? Well imagine the incredible flavor of cornbread but in smooth, creamy, cold form.”

Favorite Bowl Of Soup: Market Veggie Ramen at Chuko
“They make their veggie broth (I found out later) by steeping konbu, a type of seaweed, in water to make the base. Then they add miso and use a blender to emulsify the mix. This last step is what gives the broth its velvety texture.”

Favorite Dish Cooked By Me: Tofu Au Poivre With Kale and Mushrooms
“It’s a great combination, especially when a bit of the sauce drips down into the kale and you can eat it all together.”

Favorite Pizza NOT From Paulie Gee’s or Roberta’s: Brooklyn Margherita at Brooklyn Central
“It was fantastic — a nice char on the crust, creamy mozz, good sauce, and most importantly, a great balance of all of the ingredients.”

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