Brooklyn Bean’s Vegetarian Chili

Happy New Year! It’s good to start a new year off with a lesson. Today I learned that the Park Slope Farmer’s Market isn’t run by Grow NYC, the organization that runs most of the markets around the city. Instead, the market is run by Down to Earth Markets, which may explain the wide variety of vendors other than farm stands. One of those vendors is Brooklyn Bean, which sells a variety of beans grown in the Northeast. They also sell products made with those beans, and on a cold winter day a few weeks ago they were selling their vegetarian chili. Full of chunks of squash, Brussels sprouts, and tons of beans, the most surprising thing for me was that the chili was thickened with quinoa. The chili is vegan, unless (like me) you get it topped with cheese, creme fraiche, and pomegranate seeds (well of course the pomegranate seeds are vegan). It’s just slight spicy, and the perfect pick me up for this snowy weather.

Brooklyn Bean — Park Slope Farmer’s Market (5th Ave & 4th St, Sundays)

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