Pop-Up Pan Pizza In Ditmas Park

This past Thursday I was contemplating what to do with my Friday off when I saw a tweet from Paulie Gee about a pop-up pizza event. I had never heard of the man making the pizza, John Wozniak, but Paul makes some of my favorite pizza in the world so I figured that was all I needed to know. Wozniak, or Johnny as he was billed in the announcement, has been working hard to perfect a pan pizza dough and was serving up eight different pies at Lo Duca Pizzeria in Ditmas Park. Unfortunately due to the realities of working his schedule around the schedule at Lo Duca the dough for this trial run didn’t rise properly, and instead of the puffy pan pizza that Johnny wanted the pizzas came out flatter and denser than he intended. Luckily the pizzas were still delicious, and Johnny seemed to take the mis-step in stride, looking at it as a learning experience. Hearing him talk about pizza I know that he has the passion, knowledge, and the drive to work out the kinks and get his technique down perfectly. I’m looking forward to the results. I also got a free slice (thanks to Johnny) of Lo Duca’s pizza; it’s a good, solid slice with really great sauce (which they make themselves).

Johnny’s Place Pizza — at Lo Duca Pizza, 14 Newkirk Plaza

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