Paulie Gee’s Secret Menu

Paulie Gee has made no secret about the fact that he serves secret pizzas that you won’t find on the menu at his restaurant. The secret menu is hidden almost in plain sight, so I won’t bother steering you towards it. Finding it on your own will be more satisfying anyway. Among these secret pizzas there are a few vegetarian ones (and even a vegan one), including the one you see above. The Where’s the Beef features fresh mozzarella, pickled red onions, and barbecue sauce from Hometown Bar-B-Que in Red Hook. I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical of barbecue sauce on pizza. I considered getting some of their house-made vegan “sausage” added to the pie, but I decided to see how the pizza worked on its own. I’m very glad I did; the Where’s the Beef is an amazing, perfectly balanced pizza. The sweet and tangy sauce is a perfect counter to the creamy mozzarella, and the pickled red onions (which are featured on a few of their other pizzas) add a nice crunch to the plate. In case you’re wondering, there’s a version for meat eaters as well, which features brisket from Hometown. My friend Jeff highly recommends it.

Paulie Gee’s — 60 Greenpoint Ave

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