Brooklyn Udon At Samurai Mama

Noodles, noodles everywhere. With all of the attention given to ramen, you could perhaps be forgiven for forgetting about other Asian noodles. Take udon noodles, for example. Udon noodles, like ramen, are usually served in soup. Unlike ramen, udon are quite thick and often chewy. At Samurai Mama, in Williamsburg, they make their own udon noodles, and for an extra charge you can get them served in a vegetarian broth. That’s what I did when I ordered the kinokojil kake udon, or udon in broth with a variety of mushrooms. The noodles themselves were quite good; unfortunately they were let down by the broth. The aroma reminded me of powdered onion soup mix, though it had much less flavor than even that. And although there were some tasty mushrooms in there, there were also slices of eggplant. I’d never had boiled eggplant before, and I hope never again to have it. For the price they’re charging, I’d expect a lot more from a bowl of noodles.

Samurai Mama — 205 Grand St

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3 Responses to Brooklyn Udon At Samurai Mama

  1. Rachel says:

    I’ve yet to find really good veggie ramen/pho/udon in Brooklyn. The broth always lacks a depth of flavor. Wild Ginger on Smith Street in Boerum Hill does an above average one and they’ll put udon or rice noodles in it for you. The best I’ve had, however, is the pho from Lan Cafe in the East Village – it is as flavorful and interesting as the non-veggie phos I remember from my long ago non-veg days.

    • @Rachel – go to chuko immediately. the veggie broth is super simple — konbu with miso — but it’s amazing. i haven’t been to lan cafe in years, but i remember thinking the broth was too sweet.

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