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Vegetarian At La Vara

Like many great meals, my dinner at La Vara with my friends from We Heart New York started strong and got even better. The Cobble Hill restaurant is a little different than most Spanish places; they focus on Sephardic (Jewish-Mediterranean) … Continue reading

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Great Vegetarian Ramen At Home

I was thinking the other day that I spend a lot of time both on this blog and Eat to Blog complaining. Specifically, complaining about how disappointed I’ve been with vegetarian ramen (and other noodle dishes) around NYC. And even … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Pho At Falansai

It’s not easy to find vegetarian pho, even here in NYC. On the rare occasion a restaurant does offer a veggie version of this aromatic Vietnamese noodle soup, the broth itself isn’t actually vegetarian. Falansai, just a few short blocks … Continue reading

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Easy Vegan Kimchi Jjigae At Home

It all started when I bought some vegan kimchi. I had some tofu and some mushrooms at home, and I started thinking about making a Korean dish with all of these ingredients. It’s a dish I’d seen before, even though … Continue reading

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Pho Hoai In Bay Ridge

When Donny asked if I wanted to get pho in Bay Ridge, my first question was, “where?” But then I searched “pho bay ridge” and there was only one result — Pho Hoai. I have had bad luck with vegetarian … Continue reading

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