Pho Hoai In Bay Ridge

When Donny asked if I wanted to get pho in Bay Ridge, my first question was, “where?” But then I searched “pho bay ridge” and there was only one result — Pho Hoai. I have had bad luck with vegetarian pho, though. Usually the broth is meat based, so I tend to avoid it. Instead I ordered one of my favorite dishes: bun. Bun is usually room temperature rice noodles topped with a mix of cooked, pickled, and raw veggies. The noodles in my bun at Pho Hoai were warm; not a bad thing, just not what I was expecting. And there were no raw or pickled veggies either. The tofu and vegetables were well seasoned, unlike at Bun-Ker, and there were plenty of condiments like chili sauce and soybean paste to boost the flavor. I don’t go up to Bay Ridge very often, but my meal at Pho Hoai makes me want to explore the neighborhood more often.

Pho Hoai — 8616 4th Ave

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