Vegetarian At La Vara

Like many great meals, my dinner at La Vara with my friends from We Heart New York started strong and got even better. The Cobble Hill restaurant is a little different than most Spanish places; they focus on Sephardic (Jewish-Mediterranean) and Moroccan influences. Or server’s obvious pride in the food was infectious, as he described the many specials to us. My meal started with fried eggplant matched with honey and melted cheese; the salty-sweet combo of the topping matched nicely with the blank canvas of the fried eggplant. Next was a crispy Mallorcan flatbread topped with sharp blue cheese and offset by the sweetness of roasted onions. Best of all was my entree, one of the aforementioned specials. Described by our server as a vegetable terrine, the roasted veggies were spiked with North African flavors and smoothed out by a smear of creamy goat cheese. It was an intense crest to the rising wave of flavor throughout the meal, and one that seemed to encompass La Vara’s mission statement in a single dish.

La Vara — 268 Clinton St

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2 Responses to Vegetarian At La Vara

  1. Rachel says:

    Thanks for the review. I went there with my parents and our meal was excellent. The only disappointment was the dessert (a huckleberry cake special) was overcooked and dry. I would have rather gotten a second flatbread with onions. That was amazing.

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