Is Roberta’s Frozen Pizza Worth $12?

When Donny told me that the new Whole Foods here in Brooklyn was selling frozen Roberta’s pizza, I was intrigued. Could I possibly recreate the magic of Roberta’s pizza in my own kitchen? So when I made the trip to Whole Foods, even though I ended up buying a lot of other things, I only had only item on my mind. I found the $12 frozen pizza hanging in a bag in the freezer section. At home I examined it more closely. As near as I can tell, the dough is topped with tomato and baked before freezing. Then it’s topped with basil, fresh mozzarella, and olive oil (see the frozen oil droplets in the photo above?) and flash frozen. Cooking instructions are simple: put the frozen pie into a 450 degree oven for 5-6 minutes. I ended up leaving it in for a few extra minutes, because the cheese wasn’t really melting after 6 minutes. The bottom line: it’s good, and it’s of course better than generic frozen pizza, but it doe not approach the heights of actual Roberta’s pizza. The dough isn’t nearly as pillowy and chewy; the toppings not nearly as fresh. They are frozen, after all. I’d say that the only reason to get this pizza frozen rather from the source is to avoid the long waits at Roberta’s, but you’re probably going to spend the same amount of time traveling to, shopping in, and waiting in line at Whole Foods. No surprise, really, that I’d rather just go to Roberta’s.

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