Breakfast At Dizzy’s

Dizzy’s Diner is something of an institution on this end of Park Slope. I’d only ever been there once before, when I wrote my anti-brunch screed over on Eat to Blog. A friend of mine suggested meeting there for lunch recently, but then set a 10am meeting time. This was a weekday, so I wouldn’t have to deal with brunch, but when I arrived the place was packed with families and their strollers. Nevertheless, we got a table quickly amid the chaos of a busy breakfast service and a crisis regarding their Seamless service. I ordered the daily grits — on this particular day containing broccoli rabe, mushrooms, and peppers — which come topped with a fried egg and… a sprig of mint? I took the mint off the plate immediately, then mixed the egg yolk in with the grits. It was a great combo, particularly with a few splashes of hot sauce mixed in. The grits themselves were soft and creamy, and the savory veggies inside made them feel like a substantial meal. I still don’t think I could stand to go for brunch again, but for breakfast you could do a lot worse.

Dizzy’s — 511 9th St

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