Mexican-Taiwanese Fusion At Lucky Luna

When I ordered the Vegan Pozole at Lucky Luna, a new Mexican-Taiwanese fusion restaurant in Greenpoint, I ordered it extra spicy. I also asked about the dashi broth, since dashi — a Japanese soup base — usually includes dried fish flakes in its manufacture. At Lucky Luna they use dried mushrooms instead so that the pozole is vegan. Meat eaters take note, they make a version with pork as well. Pozole, aka hominy, is corn kernels that have been treated with lye. This unlikely sounding process softens the kernels and makes them chewy, and also unlocks vitamins within them. The pozole was served in that under-seasoned but hiccup inducingly spicy vegan dashi (as requested), so I’m glad I also ordered Mom’s Cucumber Salad (also vegan). The cucumbers were cold and bracingly sharp with vinegar, cooling down my mouth from the fiery pozole. Of course there’s no fusion involved; it’s a fully Taiwanese dish, no Mexican influence to be found. But it was so good I didn’t spend any time worrying about that.

Lucky Luna — 167 Nassau Ave

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2 Responses to Mexican-Taiwanese Fusion At Lucky Luna

  1. Grant Heppes says:

    Lucky Luna is in Greenpoint.

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