Woezo Brings West Africa To Smorgasburg

In a world where it seems everyone is making barbecue, [random-Asian-country]-ese street food, and trying to come up with the NEXT BIG THING (cough-Bruffin-cough) comes Woezo. Woezo is a stand at Smorgasburg that’s actually bringing something new and exciting to an over-saturated marketplace: West African food. It’s true that in certain neighborhoods around the five boroughs there are authentic African restaurants, and it may seem a bit presumptuous for a white kid who was in the Peace Corps to bring these flavors to a hipster paradise in Williamsburg, but why argue when the food is so good? They have plenty of vegan and gluten-free options on the menu — you can mix and match what you want in your bowl to suit your appetite. I got a base of rich polenta, topped with mushrooms and fried tofu with a peanut sauce and some spicy chili sauce as well. Mixed all together it managed to be both comforting and unfamiliar, and somehow was evocative of a place to which I’ve never been. I hope more potential Smorgasburg vendors follow this example, and search for something truly new to bring to the event — the world only needs so many Korean-barbecue burritos on a stick.

Woezo at Smorgasburg — Kent Avenue and North 7 St

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