Krupa Grocery Brings Fine Dining To Windsor Terrace

Krupa Grocery opened a few weeks ago in a former bodega space — the bodega was called Krupa Grocery, hence the name of the restaurant. It’s still figuring a few things out; on a recent visit I saw a customer frantically waving their arm to get a server’s attention (it didn’t work); our host asked us if we wanted to sit outside, but when she led us out there it turned out there were no available tables; and there was an awfully long wait between when we ordered our drinks and when we received them. The good news is, however, that the food is often very good. A salad of roasted beets was perfectly seasoned, and garnished with candied kumquats for sweetness and tartness. Burrata (a mix of cream and mozzarella) with couscous was likewise perfectly seasoned, with briny olives punctuating the creamy milkiness of the cheese. Not everything is perfect: green beans are tossed with a tasty black truffle vinaigrette but baffled me by being paired with strawberries. Gnudi (ricotta dumplings) were perfectly made, but lacked seasoning and acidity in their pepper sauce. Krupa Grocery is charging serious prices for their food, and it’s often packed with customers. The neighborhood is clearly ready for this type of restaurant, and once Krupa Grocery works out the kinks it’s going to be something really special.

Krupa Grocery — 231 Prospect Park West

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