Beyond Whole Wheat: Soy Bean Spaghetti

Early last year I was told that I should eat more whole grains. I thought it was a good idea, but there was a problem: I eat a ton of pasta. And I mean literally a ton of pasta; I haven’t actually weighed it, but I’m sure that if you added it all up it would be at least a ton. So I set out to find some alternatives. I cooked with grains like spelt, brown rice, and wheat berries. And they were good. Yet I still missed pasta, so I started looking for a whole grain pasta that I liked. I started, naturally, with whole wheat pasta. I tried multiple brands, and multiple cooking methods, but I couldn’t find one that I liked. Beyond Whole Wheat is my search for a pasta alternative.

At a health food store in Clinton Hill I came across quite a few pasta alternatives. One of the ones I picked up was this spaghetti, made of soy beans. I made a quick meal of it, using tofu, broccoli, and snap peas with lemon juice. The texture was pretty good; the edges of the spaghetti were squared off, and the soy bean pasta cooked to a nice al dente texture without getting mushy. The real problem I had was the flavor of the spaghetti. There was a definite bean-y flavor that overwhelmed the other flavors in the dish. That’s definitely not what I want in a pasta — the flavor should compliment, not take over the dish. So far, brown rice pasta is still my favorite alternative.

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