Unusual Ice Cream At Hay Rosie

Hay Rosie is a tiny storefront ice cream place that opened recently in Carroll Gardens. They’ve gotten a lot of attention, not all of it positive, for their unusual ice cream flavors. Going to their website you can find combinations like the Bruce Wayne: “Champagne Bourbon Vanilla with Quince-Golden Raspberry Swirl and Candied Ginger.” What? I needed to find out for myself, but Hay Rosie is only open for a few short hours during the week. Finally a few weeks ago I got my chance; my friends Scott and Donny and I stopped by after a few drinks at Buschenschank (the short version: the beer is way better than the food). After much deliberation, and a small sample, I selected the Bonfire on the Beach: “Smoked Sweet Cream with Candied Pineapple and Coconut Scratch.” I was blown away by how well the flavors worked together — sure, we’ve all had coconut with pineapple, but the addition of smoke and a little bit of salt made the ice cream something truly special. I couldn’t stop eating it, and almost went back for a full pint of it. To be honest, if (when) I go back I’d like to try another ice cream flavor — Feta Tomato? Pretzel Honey Mustard? — but the Bonfire on the Beach still haunts my dreams…

Hay Rosie — 204 Sackett St

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