An Ethiopian Feast At Bunna Cafe

On a barren stretch of Flushing Avenue in Bushwick you’ll find Bunna Cafe. Bunna started as a pop-up restaurant, serving vegan Ethiopian food at events like the Vegan Shop-Up. In February they opened an actual, brick-and-mortar restaurant. I stopped by for lunch, and since I was pretty hungry I went for what they call a feast: seven of their Ethiopian specialties served with injera. Injera is one of the staples of Ethiopian cuisine; it’s a slightly sour, spongy flatbread perfect for scooping and soaking up food. The dishes are split into those served warm and those served cool. Two of the cool dishes were highlights for me. Kedija selata is a mix of kale, tomato, avocado, and lime, and was like an African spin on guacamole. Yesuf fitfit is a wet mix of injera soaked in roasted sunflower milk. The warm dishes were good but all followed the same pattern: legumes cooked until soft with garlic, ginger, and herbs. All of it was delicious sopped up with the injera, and I was licking my fingers afterwards (they don’t bring you utensils unless you specifically ask). Thankfully they brought a moist towelette with the check.

Bunna Cafe — 1084 Flushing Ave

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