A Brief Pizza Crawl In Brooklyn: Park Luncheonette And Williamsburg Pizza

There are two new-ish pizza places that have been getting some buzz here in Brooklyn, and I recently decided I wanted to try both of them – on the same day. I started at Park Luncheonette, which looks like an old-school diner and borders McCarren Park. I ordered two slices, as they seemed to be a little on the small side. The crust was light and airy, the mozzarella fresh and creamy, though the sauce was a little bit sweet for my taste. That’s nitpicking though, they were very good slices (and at $2.25 each cheaper than my neighborhood slice joint).

When I walked into Williamsburg Pizza I was overwhelmed by the smell of truffles; they were pulling some truffle-oil topped pizza from the oven. I ordered a “regular” slice, at $2.75 more expensive but much larger than the slices at Park Luncheonette. It was a more standard slice too; the crust was chewy and the sauce was more savory than the previous slices (which I liked), though the cheese was thick and kind of greasy. At one point while I was eating a big hunk of the cheese slid off onto the plate, and it was kind of a relief.

Both places had good pizza, but I’d give the edge to Park Luncheonette for the freshness and quality of the ingredients.

Park Luncheonette — 332 Driggs Ave
Williamsburg Pizza — 265 Union Ave

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