Marinated Artichoke Sandwich At Allswell

I love artichokes, and I’m a big fan of Allswell, in Williamsburg. So it should come as no surprise that I loved the marinated artcihoke sandwich that they serve at lunch at Allswell. It’s not just the artichokes; this is a seriously well-constructed, delicious sandwich. The bread has grill marks on it, but it’s not crusty and not served warm. The grill marks simply give a subtle smoky and caramelized flavor to the soft bread. The artichokes themselves are perfectly cooked, soft but with a little tart bite to the them. They are offset by a sweet tomato jam, sharp provolone cheese, and fresh arugula. As much as I loved the artichokes on their own as they fell out of the sandwich, I actually preferred eating all of the ingredients together. It’s a testament to how perfectly balanced all of those ingredients are, and how important that balance is when conceiving a dish. Even one as simple as a sandwich.

Allswell — 124 Bedford Ave

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