Why I Made A Hard Boiled Egg And Pickle Sandwich

Back in 1999, I spent five weeks in Israel. The food was incredible. I had the best falafel of my life in Tel Aviv, and I’ve yet to find any falafel here in NYC that rivals it. In Jerusalem I remember eating borekas, deep greasy deep-fried pockets of dough filled with intensely salty cheese. And I also remember a hard boiled egg and pickle sandwich I ate at a bus stop somewhere in the middle of the country. That’s right, I ate an egg sandwich at a bus stop in a foreign country. What can I say, it was the ’90s, we thought we would live forever. Anyway, it was a simple sandwich: slices of sour pickles and hard boiled egg on sliced bread. No dressing, mayo, nothing. And yet it was a fantastic sandwich, one I still remember fondly almost 15 years later.
Here’s how I make hard boiled eggs: I put eggs into a pot, cover them with water. Bring the water to a boil, turn off the heat, and cover it. Let the eggs sit in the hot water for exactly 13 minutes. Then drain them and rinse them in cold water. I got this method from the internet, from a site which claims it is how Julia Child made hard boiled eggs. I have come across other sites claiming different methods for Mrs. Child, but this one works for me. Then it’s a simple matter of peeling the eggs, and slicing them. Slice some good, sour pickles into thin strips, and build your sandwich (I used rye this time, I don’t remember what bread I had in Israel). Obviously it’s an easy thing to make, and it’s not going to win you any blue ribbons at a cook-off, but it’s a great snack at any time of day.

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