61 Local Lives Up To Its Name

I first started going to 61 Local for the beer. They have a rotating selection of craft beers from around the country, and there’s always something interesting to drink. It’s a beautiful space too, with high ceilings and skylights. I’d also eaten there a few times, mostly snacks, but towards the end of 2014 I had a few lunches at 61 Local and they were great. They make a big deal about using local ingredients. Listen to the menu description of the Northeast Egg Sandwich, pictured above. “Hard-cooked farm egg
by Spring Brook Farm, collard greens, Raclette cheese by Spring Brook Farm, roasted garlic butter, sourdough by Hot Bread Kitchen, with maple bourbon pickles by Brooklyn Brine.” It’s a lot of detail, and it’s a sign that 61 Local cares about the food they serve. It was also a delicious sandwich. On another visit I had a few of the bar snacks, including Delhi Deviled Eggs made with my friend Chitra’s Brooklyn Delhi achaar, and a mezze platter that pays homage to the many Middle Eastern restaurants and shops that line Atlantic Ave. They even have free wi-fi, so it’s the perfect go to place if you want to do some work on a weekday with a good beer and a good plate of food.

61 Local — 61 Bergen St

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