Margot’s Pizza Pop-Up

Adam Kuban, the biggest pizza enthusiast I know, had been operating a pop-up pizza restaurant out of Emily for a few months. He’s serving a style of pizza he calls “bar pizza.” There’s a whole section on the Margot’s site dedicated to defining just what bar pizza is. In addition to the physical attributes of bar pizza — ultra-thin crust, crisp, toppings almost all the way to the edge — what Adam is after is a feeling. It’s nostalgia for a specific atmosphere, and the kind of pizza he remembers from his youth. I have no experience at all with bar pizza. The pizza from my youth was all chain delivery places, and they were pretty dreadful. In my more recent experience, I’ve become a big fan of the new Neapolitan-style pies that have become trendy here in NYC.

So how was the pizza? The crust, as promised, was razor-thin and crispy, but still had a pleasantly sour fermented dough flavor. I saw some of the dough before being rolled out, and it was puffed up like over-sized Parker House rolls. I’d imagine that the only way to get it so thin is by brute force, and that it crisps up within seconds of hitting the wood-fired oven. There’s a nice balance of sauce and cheese, and it didn’t become soggy over time. I got the standard Margot-rita, along with a delicious kale salad from Emily. It’s all part of the ticket price. Oh, I forgot to mention, but right now you need tickets to attend a Margot pop-up. You can sign up via the website, linked below, to be notified when tickets go on sale. You can also enter a ticket lottery, which is how I managed to get my own ticket. Adam is hoping to open his own place eventually, but it’s worth seeking out a ticket to Margot’s right now.

Margot’s Pizza

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